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How to recruit early employee’s in a tech startup

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I saw this post come up in the 500 Startups email list and had to share it. The question posed to the group was help deciding what equity percentage to give to early employees of a startup and how to convince them to join their team.

Here is my friends response, who will stay nameless, which captures the essence of recruiting so perfectly:

#4 You’re recruiting them to join an adventure, to get on the fucking pirate ship. They should not be treated as reluctant pencildick investors that need tons of coaxing and graphs and McKinsey market research reports. Instead, take them out. Get them drunk. Treat each one like a woman you’re trying to seduce, that you want to to drop everything, quit her job and road trip across the world with you, having crazy hot sex on the hood of your car every 5 hours. This isn’t a financial transaction––this is creation! You’re going down the rabbit hole with these people.  Make them love you. Make them love the idea of being with you, of creating this thing with you. 

This is what recruiting is all about.


Written by Chris McCann

October 20, 2011 at 10:50 pm

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