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San Luis Obispo Entrepreneurial Resources

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There are a multitude of organizations you can go to if you are an entrepreneur in San Luis Obispo County. Here are a few that I have dealt with in the past:

Cal Poly
Innovation Quest – A non-profit organization started by very sucessful Cal Poly Alumni that gives away $30,000 in prizes yearly to any student, faculty, or staff member at Cal Poly with an innovative commercializable idea. Deadline to apply is March 27th 2009.
Cal Poly Business Plan Competition – A non-profit organization that gives away $10,000 in prizes yearly to the winner of a final pitch session. In addition 1 team each year moves on to the DFJ $250,000 competition in Palo Alto.
C3RP – The intellectual property office at Cal Poly that can help students and faculty to patent and protect their intellectual property

San Luis Obispo Community
Slo EVC – Provider of economic development services in San Luis Obispo and runs an annual Venture Capital/Angel Network event.
SCORE – Non-profit organization made up of retired executives who provide counseling to small business entrepreneurs
MCSC – Puts on the annual Vision to Venture education program on starting your own business
Collaboration LLC – A for profit organization which puts on the annual NewVenture education program for new and established businesses

If anyone else has any other organizations or programs for entrepreneurs in San Luis Obispo write up the info in a comment


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